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Hi, I like , , (in school for it),
Games/books/languagelearning on other instances probably.

I'm Learning: (int.) y (newbie), , .

I enjoy and ,

I'm really shy, so please be patient. I like posting about weird stuff too, so be on the lookout for that!


See profile for other locations.

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happy juneteenth! give you money to black people! 🖤​

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I hate this fuckin Youtube ad that begins with "plastics. Our most dangerous addiction." Yeah I'm addicted to making plastics with all those polyethylene factories I own and control.

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Working on the bootie/slipper sole, it's kinda fun. The *whole thing* is done with short rows.

Also, even as an experienced knitter, sometime I'll pick up my work and forget which side the working yarn is meant to be on 😂 Particularly if I'm doing short rows. #knitting :knitting:

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26 rows remaining.

If my head ain’t gonna be on straight, this beats staring absently at a wall.

Section five complete, two rows into section six. For future note to myself: if I’m going to try to make a color gradient in the beads, I may have to use more intense colors next time. 😬😬😬 This feels like something *I* will know is there, and no other soul outside of the people reading this caption


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Dominican-American slam poet
ElizabethAcevedo is the first black woman to be awarded the #Carnegie medal which is the UK's oldest and most prestigious children’s book award, recognizing writing and illustration in books for children and young people.

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I want to read some more classic books. I read Dracula earlier this year and enjoyed reading a classic that had a big impact on the world.

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Fediverse, I has resource needs that I hope you can help with. I'm looking for books, websites, zines, etc about working together, as in cooperation-related social skills. This can be geared towards any age group, but I'd like it to be very community-building, working together, focused. I can find a lot on businessy business business crap, which is not necessarily unuseful, buuuut not really what I'm going for. plz&thx 💚

#homeschool #unschooling #cooperation #communityBuilding

pets; gross 

😩 I don't want to get dressed. But I guess I should.


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Decided to start a blanket with the knit picks set I bought ages ago #knitting

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Woooo! Look it!

I want to sell these, but I don't think I own any sort of envelopes lol what even is snail mail. I'll hafta figure that out

I'll probably make 3 more at least over the weekend btw :)

Yay happy!

#trans #art #embroidery #patches #crafting #Indiginerd #PoC #actuallyAutistic #spoonie

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I'm at Portland Radical Pride (a cop and corp free alternative to Pride). My friend set up this art table!

I've got to stop touching my face. But having a moisturized face feels so good! :blobhearteyesa:

Beauty and hair 

Beauty and hair 

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White Cis-het men: why would we listen to anyone else?

Queer folx, poc, etc: let's set up our own space, since they don't listen to us anyways.

White Cis-het men: how very dare you not let us interact with everything you say?!

physical health (~) 

🚨Kipper has figured out how to unwrap things! 🚨

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