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Hi, I like , , (in school for it),
Games/books/languagelearning on other instances probably.

I'm Learning: (int.) y (newbie), , .

I enjoy and ,

I'm really shy, so please be patient. I like posting about weird stuff too, so be on the lookout for that!


See profile for other locations.

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suicide discussion (I'm fine) , mental health Show more

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the yarn though. fussiest yarn I've ever used. 😩 I think this was DROPS yarn? It's pretty stuff, but it tangles so damn easily and when you try to untangle it it breaks apart. So I had a LOT of ends to weave in because of this.

Me: Oh good I'm nearly done with this scarf I'm .

Me: *opens *

Me: W-What is my hand doing? No, stop!

Me: *searches for knitting patterns* :blobwhee:

Honestly I was gonna try the Adaptil and see if I could get out of the house without Kipper before my brother comes back, but if they're doing the construction today (not that I'm complaining) it'd be difficult. I'll just stay home.

They are doing construction on the sidewalks at my house so I am not the happiest right now!

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i don't like to profile or identify myself but here are some of
my interests:

#tea 🍵 (sencha, bancha, hojicha, bai-mudan, and so on...)
my #cats
#spinning (#yarn, no sports. noooo sports)
#electronicmusic (#house early female electronic pioneers, #IDM and so on ...)
#faggotry (i like when it's #gay, it's #camp, it's #drag, it's #GrosseKunst ... )
#art (#textileArt, #fiberart)
#sims4 (PC), am interested in more #gaming lately

toots in de/en

I think I still prefer , but damn is strangely addictive! Send help.

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