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Please. My son. He's sick.

*holds out empty coffee mug*

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actually, nintendo is the name of the company. you're thinking of nintendo's witch

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Give a man a fish, and he’ll be all, “I don’t know how to cook this, do I just microwave it or what?”

Literally saw a politician say climate change isn't a threat, and cited the fact that Venus continuing to exist is proof

Oh my god

Why don't we put politicians on Venus

How the Grinch obtained exclusive rights to the Christmas trademark.

If you're on .social and you hate the mods why are you even there still it's not like you don't have options...

Twitter: I wish people couldn't see my liked tweets, I don't want people to see me horny on main

Mastodon: openly horny on main on the daily

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Every time I boost my own toots I'm saying "check out my wares" out loud by the way

My cat struggled for half an hour to kick this medical cone off but it wouldn't move so he collapsed like this and stared off into space, contemplating his new life. I made it into a cookie.

Tim May, Author of “The Crypto Anarchist Manifesto”, Has Died

Mancaves are just children's rooms for grown-up men though

some random dude got on my case for saying "very no" so I told him if intentionally poor English wasn't cute lolcats wouldn't exist and he shut up immediately and I've never been more proud of myself

tired: god disapproves of queer and trans people wired: god loves queer and trans

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