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Those features in MS Word where it trying to be a real desktop publisher like InDesign.... suck. You're better off hand making tables in Word. :eyeroll:


2100 images for a single, final photo?

I don't have that kind of patience but I <3 the results.

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don't worry password we're all insecure too

My sister is graphic designer but biology is her other love. She works for a medical division of a design and branding firm.

The managers need a recap of how genetics works so she gladly explained.

A manager, who is also a Deacon:
"But why is DNA stored in chromosomes?"

My Sister:
"Take that up with God."

I need a good font map application for Windows to let me see all entities in a font.

Today's #tarot pull serves us The Lovers. This card evokes the heights of romantic love; the strength of soul connections that can make or break us. Who or what do you love - and does that love lift your up or hold you down? There is a duality here because love can either be our greatest source of strength or the source of our deepest sorrow. Look at this card as a doorway. You have the opportunity to stay here or move forward to something far greater. It's really up to you <3.

RT Helping adults learn to not call the police with an image commonly used for kindergartners is incredibly my brand


a genderfluid person informs their friend that they would rather adopt a masculine identity when in their company Show more

what is the name of those little bowls chefs have for staging ingredients?

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