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best compliment 

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Evergreen Content:

"Did you read my bio?"

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Please. My son. He's sick.

*holds out empty coffee mug*

remember radio shack?

I can't even roll up to a store to get an audio jack adapter damn

I should probably figure out where my nearest music store is

Also, I guess that I should print out that sheet music now, huh?

I know what a dinglehopper is but I also use it interchangably with widget, gadget, doodad, and thingy.

Weird concept: You are not your depression.

Hoping this helps with recovery. Music and I have some catching up.

Pulled from the basement and cleaned up. She still plays too.

tellonym, dark shit 

*computer chimes from a new email*

*parrot chirps back at it*


netflix prank show 



coffee talk 

Remember how I was complaining it was cold the other night? Yeah. It's gonna be hot today. Haha. Thanks New England.

the effinbirds account appears to be pro-trans-rights :trans_heart:

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