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best compliment 

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Please. My son. He's sick.

*holds out empty coffee mug*

3D printing, DRM 

Starting to think I should have named my bird Wreck it Ralph

browse by color is my favorite e-commerce filter

I get my kids back today. Expect an in crease in parenting toots.

I want a find my phone feature where if I'm on my home wifi and I yell "marco" my phone yells back "polo" 🤔

I told her to just draw the comms molecules as speech bubbles but that's probably not okay for the style of illustrations her client is looking for.

My sister and I have summarized that the names of cell communication molecules are just fancy words for yelling. The cells are yelling at each other.



I will find that thing after I'm done and I don't need it anymore.

A biography by Princess Harpy

tech job whining 

well two of you know what you're doing at least

Also she thinks me going up and down the apartment as I sort stuff is me having the zoomies and she zooms down the hall with me. 😂😂😂😂

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