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best compliment 

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Please. My son. He's sick.

*holds out empty coffee mug*

btw it was 64f when I woke up

It's 80f something now

The high will be somewhere between 90f and 100f

That's 17c, 26c, 32c, 37c




Technically color theory. You can do it other ways. I first learned it in the context of painting rooms.

usa capitlist nonsense 

spa selfie with eye contact 

Books I should layout for my portfolio

β€’ Alice in Wonderland
β€’ Pride and Prejudice

Other suggestions from Project Gutenberg are welcome. They must be in English though, sorry.

What color nail polish should I pick today?

Everyday please don't be like this

Instead of saying "Hey, where is the laundromat attendant?"

This man just shouted, "Hey, where's the black lady?"

I remember flipping out the first time I heard it.

A. It's a good song
B. I have appreciation and understanding of the work done to do that segment with his voice

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