I love New England but I need to go back to the Maryland suburbs.

✨ I am moving home to Maryland next year ✨

@grainloom this is why I don't want to play these games. I'm not in a good position to willingly have my heart run over.

Friday night hair adventure Show more

Friday night hair adventure Show more

@minego it does look good. I've done bright red before.


I should dye my hair

Vote 1 for Red
Vote 2 for Purple
Vote 3 for Pink

And not like I can stop you, feel free to reply with other suggestions 😂

@meena I'm tempted to. But /effort/. Bleaching dark hair is work.

things to say to someone when they go to bed:

mild: "good night"
wild: "rest in peace"

Life's a mess but my hair looks good.

cw: selfie with eye contact

“We have a monthly tradition in our village where @seagazelle comes to our homes in the middle of the night and steals our wives.”

Unfortunately, as you probably already know, computers

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