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"Technically right", while amusing in some situations, is lawful neutral to lawful evil.

*selects a single card from a tarot deck*

*it's the business card of a criminal defense attorney*

This is an ominous sign indeed.

Today's #tarot pull serves us the Page of Cups. This talks about someone with a fresh passion for a relationship or creative project. This person is exploring the first fruits of this journey and might not always have the maturity to make the most of their situation. If you feel this way, that's alright. You're growing and if you stick through the process, you will mature rapidly! If they are nearby, try making the first move ;).

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Sorry not sorry

There's just so much good art I wish I could have or wear haha

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Redbubble have a 30% off sale on select tees and hoodies with code 30TODAY , valid 'til 11:59pm (just don't ask me what timezone XD).

Here are a few of the Your New T-Shirt designs you can grab with that discount ;D

#LGBTQ #Autism #Pride

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2005: typing in all lowercase is easier than holding the shift key, ideally Iโ€™d type properly but
2018: autocorrect demands I use proper capitalization, yet I resist with every fiber of my being

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