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Comfort in level:
Taking off jeans
Putting on pyjamas
unfurling tentacles
letting your jaw relax in it's natural resting place
shredding skin to reveal six wings and ribbons of eyes too bright for humans to look at
taking off bra

I just got an email with the subject line “The French Girl’s Guide To Wearing Black Lingerie” and for the first time in my life I feel like I deeply understand the slang usage of the word “basic.”

Wysa is such a cute app 😍 I have an adorable penguin friend now. 🐧

Please don't dogpile, please don't harass,please don't yell at mods for rightfully enforcing rules. If you are unhappy with your current instance, many people would be happy to help you find a new one.

Thanks and welcome to the Fediverse

By the way; the best way to get new people off of and onto other instances is to be cool and helpful to new people; not to bemoan the fact they're using

Please remember the golden rule, or the silver rule, or the laws of robotics. What do you want to see in the world? How would you like to be treated? We're all responsible for this. We're all responsible for ourselves.

@denidimochka nuke it with your hair dryer and then sit your butt on it. 😌

New hoodie in my shop:

"Look, I'm trying to be a good witch but you're making it difficult."

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nothing makes me happier than rejecting a dude holding a door open for me by going through the adjacent revolving door

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