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Oh. @Antijingoist actually got back to me the same day. I guess I really do have work to do next week. Haha.

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Thermodynamics has been a struggle. They still think steam is smoke.

I'm trying to explain boiling water to my 4yo.

Me: We're waiting for the bubbles.

Him: Bubbles! *Goes and gets a bubble wand*


Hey everyone, we made a Reference.Pictures pack of hands! 524 high res shots of hands for studies, finished work, etc.

Grab them here for just $3:

Stardew Valley is now out for Android and I will never be productive again. #stardewvalley

the autistic trait they don’t talk about: we are all incredibly rad people

The slides from my talk at @JSLuxembourg
are online. In this talk on perceived performance, I explain how to enhance user perception of speed in websites and mobile apps once you’ve already optimized every line of code.

Yeah, I'm into some FREAKY shit

:lazer_F: orgiveness
:lazer_R: emembering self care
:lazer_E: xtending empathy to others who are healing
:lazer_A: aaaaaaaaaaa
:lazer_K: .
:lazer_Y: eah, I probably need a new therapist

Set up some apple wedges for my dear Beep and he is so happy. Destroy! Eat! Victory!

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"the future is here and everything needs to be destroyed" is extremely mood for 2019


my friends and I are all queer and poor

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