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:thread: sewing has started

I'll stop with the silly posts... for now

*bangs pots and pans*

Dresses need pockets!

Dresses need pockets!

as you can see I'm busy stealing emoji from a slack server

Ages 0-20: barely did anything
Ages 20-30: do all the things
Ages 30+: find self

am I doing this in the right order?

technically I did some tech blogging in 2010/2011 but not a lot

I wrote app reviews for webOS

What's the word on the cheap colored hair wax? Does it work well? Mofang or whatever it's called.

the fifth element, quote (2/2) 

the fifth element, quote (1/2) 


I could have sworn FOMO stood for fear of monkey outbreaks πŸ€”

lazy web question, software 

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