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good morning my dear nerds

may monday be merciful to you

This is your semi-regular reminder that transitions are hard.


find someone that looks at you like Deni & Mo look at each other

It was a lot of fun and I need a copy. It's a great "the power is out" kind of game, haha.

I played a fun game with my friend and her mom the other day. It was a deck of cards with question prompts for stuff to discuss.

fyi if you were waiting

I just answered some tells on Tellonym

My friend explained their work software to me and now I know why they shit post all day. They have to deal with the UI equivalent of hamster powered software.

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fine femme friday, selfie with eye contact 

I've been following her work for years. I was so excited that I got to see the piece she put up in East Boston.

selfie with eye contact 

small rant 

I shared that scriptless chat project with a mailing list I'm on and one of the people responded

"How do I delete someone else's repo?"

selfie with eye contact 

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