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I'm curious, and probably well overdue for a strong roasting.

Poppyseed Looks Like A Fat Lesbian, for the record.

That "Your stripper name is your favourite salad dressing and the thing about you that most disappoints your parents" works a lot better as the title of the Young Adult novel about your life.

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Wait, there's a solstice/Krampus/Yuletide Sabrina special? Guess I'm making hot chocolate and junking out in front of the TV tonight.

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Today in Gays Who Can't Drive News: I inadvertently let my license expire, so I'm spending the morning trapped at the ICBC so I can have valid photo ID again. Wish me luck on the learner's knowledge test. Jk, I've taken it a bunch of times already, the only thing I have to worry about failing is the eye test.

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Downloaded Scribblenauts Unlimited for my phone, and it's a lot pickier trying to play with a finger instead of a controller or stylus. I need to dig one up, because I've kind of missed this game.

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I think all of you need this photo of Ertha Kitt cuddling kittens right now.

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Erin Bee boosted Surely that's for people older than me? Like 40 and older?
30+? 30?! Old? They are like tiny babies.

You crush a can of Monster drink
Then take a piss right in the sink
I don't know why she sleeps with you, Brolene

The only reason I ever read my horoscope is because the standard "Gemini: everybody hates you, you confusing walking ADHD shitpost" happens to be very relatable

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