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Alcohol, tasting notes 

Mirror selfie - butterfly jumpsuit 

This is such a brilliant idea - a smart binder that has a movement sensitive setting so it can automatically loosen/relax during sport

"The chest binder he has created is a garment made with smart materials woven through the fabric that enables the user to take breaks throughout the day without removing their clothing and needing to go to a private space...includes a smart alloy called Nitonel, which when electrified, decompresses the garment and loosens the binder."

Total impulse purchase for nostalgia's sake; nothing sounds quite as 1996 like this soundtrack does. (And it's actually worth listening to as a full album.)

Loving this new dark synth Sleater-Kinney track (The Future Is Here), can't wait for August for the whole album to be out


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HEY (nonny nonny) NOW 

Fashion’s Future Isn’t Genderless Labels; It’s Genderless Shoppers

(There's some rather stilted language in this article, and the main point it seems to be making is that men are leaning into less conservative style choices. But, it also acknowledges that this is happening because platforms like Instagram normalize out-of-the-ordinary fashion, and that gender roles are becoming less important to millenials and Gen Z.)

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xtra has a timeline of the last 50 years of LGBTQ+ rights in Canada

It's very eastern Canada focused, a lot on raids and protests in Toronto and Montreal not so much on anywhere else. Nonetheless it's a nice reminder that there's more to queer history and civil rights than Stonewall.

Keeping the lights off on a hot night because it makes the room seem cooler.

Get Jonathan Frakes to direct a Swear Trek film.

If the Tarantino Star Trek isn't a collab with the Swear Trek folks, what even is the point?

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A search for "bulk sunscreen" brings up American companies trying to sell you 100 dinky bottles to hand out as swag, or Australia and New Zealand dropping multiple brands just like this absolute unit. Ketchup pump style sunscreen is a brilliant idea, and I hope it catches on here.

Australia does not fuck around when it comes to sunscreen.

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