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I couldn't tell you exactly what it is, but there's a charm to soft futches and tomboy femmes that makes me feel real chivalrous around them, despite the baggage of the term. I just want to hold doors and buy their drinks and give them flowers they'll roll their eyes at.

Cemeteries as spaces for art to engage the living. (The article also opens with a bit about "Memorial To A Marriage", a marble statue made to protest the lack of marriage equality.)

The death of landline phones means that this cute Betsey Johnson fanny pack (first pic) is just fashion and can never be as cool as this 70s bag (second pic) which actually plugs into a wall and functions as a phone. (The answer is probably Bluetooth for a current day remake.)

I bought a fanny pack a few weeks ago, and no lie, it's surprised me by being one of the most useful things I own. Is this what having functional pockets is like?

Taking a walk, listening to Lauryn Hill, and my Bluetooth headphones are acting all wonky, reminding me a bit of 1999 and the anti-skip protection not quite working on a discman.

Your passion for plants delights so many people, and your general bank of solarpunk knowledge is fascinating.

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Look at this fucking zebra jumping spider tilting its head to get a good look at me 😍😍😍

#DailySpiderPic #smolfrens 🐘

You once said you thought we'd get along grand, and that has to be because your talent for digging up and appreciating weird and fun (and sometimes dark) things makes me glad to know you on and off the internet.

You share so freely of yourself, and have the strength to show your vulnerability, which helps and inspires people more than you know. You meet the truth of your changes and growth head on even when it hurts, and have such empathy when others are going through the same. And when you shine, you SHINE.

You make me excited about trying calligraphy, and you're always bringing interesting thoughts to conversations.

The way you write about and analyze your faith is compelling, and you've got the best They/Them pins around.

You're doing great at the new parenting thing, and I appreciate when you write about gross stuff, because yeah babies can be gnarly.

Space, linguistics, and reclaiming and reviving traditional culture:

"Corey Gray and Sharon Yellowfly want to bring gravitational wave astronomy to speakers of the Blackfoot language.

After hearing an astronomer describe the sound black holes make as a “chirp,” Yellowfly translated the term into biixiini_gi, or “bird singing.”

Your knitting brightens up the timeline, and you have a way of writing about day to day stuff that's simple but engaging.

Thank you for encouraging others to be sincere.

You have an eye for things that are beautiful and ideas that are interesting and necessary but might get missed by other people. I learn a lot from links you share.

You aren't around here very much, but when you are you are thoughtful in your responses and gracious about asking for and offering answers and advice.

You sometimes worry about not being good at anything, but you're miles ahead of most people at aiming for positive outcomes and you're going to find your success.

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