This necklace is one of those great finds that happen because whoever priced it at the thrift store didn't realize there was something special about it. It's vintage (probably 50s) Kyoto Damascene, which is a technique of inlaying tiny pieces of metal against each other. The technique was originally from the Middle East, but the only places where it stuck around were Toledo, Spain (after being conquered by the Moors) and Kyoto (Silk Road in the 8th century, originally used to decorate swords).

Anyway, each of those panels has different Japanese nature motifs on it, which is characteristic of the Kyoto style: birds, butterflies, pagodas, flowers, lanterns, mountains, leaves.

(Spanish Damascene is pretty cool, too. There's a lot of Moorish circular geometric designs, bold florals, horses and conquistadors, and seafaring stuff like Spanish galleons.)

@erinbee I. cannot. believe. you found a necklace with THIS MUCH damascene in it at a thrift store. 😍

@SuzanEraslan Right? It was behind the counter, so I was expecting a really high or weird price on it (this shop tends toward locking up a lot of shlocky rhinestone stuff marked $19.99 and up that probably never sold for that new, and reasonably priced sterling), but it was $10!? Find of the damn year. I wonder whose jewelry box got sent out.

@erinbee @SuzanEraslan Oh *droooooooool* That is a BEAUTIFUL necklace - I'm sure that if I'd seen it in the sort of shop I'd expect it in (not the thrift shop!), I'd have had to pay easily 20 times the price you got it for.

Well-done, oh black-belt holder in the art of shopping!!

@erinbee that is a beautiful necklace, and a great selfie!

@erinbee ooooooo, that's awesome!!!

(also yr stunning as usual ofc)

@morae Ahhhh thank you! I felt a lot like a twitchy weird history magpie when I saw it.

@erinbee didn't know that twitchy weird history magpie was my type until this moment

@morae Didn't you? Haven't you always chased the corvid girls?

@erinbee oh my goodness, what a treasure!

And you're absolutely a picture of loveliness

@erinbee Great necklace!

Wait, you mean Kyoto, Japan? Or was there a different place named "Kyoto" in Central Asia?

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