Finished and framed! The pattern is "Doorway To Space" by PixlStitch.

(I'd like to eventually tighten it up by putting it in a square frame, but I couldn't find one 8"x8" and right now it's better done than perfect.)

@MmeLibertine Thank you! I was really impressed by how well the pattern was charted and how well the colours actually matched the images.

@checkervest Thanks! I'm so pleased with how it turned out.

@scearley Thanks! This pattern designer does a lot of good stuff, but this particular one was an easy choice. Space!

@Aellope Aw, thank you! I'm in love with it, too πŸ’œ

@erinbee I kind of like the extra white space. Gives it a lot of depth. 😍

@heatherleanne Thanks! I've got it propped up on a shelf and the white is starting to grow on me

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