"BE was formed as a collaboration between artist Wolfgang Buttress, musicians-Tony Foster, Kev Bales, Deirdre Bencsik, Camille Christel, scientist Dr. Martin Bencsik and 40,000 honey bees.

At the heart of all the music is the sound of the bees, the hive drone and specific bee communications captured by Dr. Bencsik. The idea is that the musicians collaborate with the bees - it seems that they lead the way and the musicians let the music form naturally around them."


@dustin idk, why surrender to the bees when a musical bee condo is where it's at

@erinbee @dustin

>Dr Bencsik has published material on the following:

The condition monitoring of honey bee hives using the time course of vibrations produced by bees.


@dustin @erinbee cellos are expensive, sometimes you have to settle for the one full of bees


Martin, Martin. There are at the /least/ 20,000 bees inside your cello.

@emsenn To be fair to Martin, he just says "full of bees." It's the narrator with the lazy estimate.

@erinbee Ah, well, wouldn't want to treat a person with a cello full of bees unfairly.

@erinbee Reminds me of both Jupiter Ascending and this clip I recently learned about (relevant part is last 2.5 minutes) m.youtube.com/watch?v=Wtv0bx2v

@bzedan Wow! It's kind of amazing how the bees just kind of roll with the vibration from the music and it doesn't seem to change their behaviour at all.

@bzedan Also, both the cello guy and the clarinetist are doctors - kind of a neat commonality

@erinbee I know he uses queen pheromone (the context I learned about it was a Tony Todd interview about Candyman), so they’re maybe extra chill from that, but yes! It honestly goes to my personal feels that the clarinet is one of the chillest instruments.

@nein09 I wonder how many bees would fit in a violin, and if there would be extra challenges positioning it 🤔

@erinbee 1. No idea, maybe 500 or so? 2. You’d have to be careful that none of your new bee friends were chilling on your chinrest or somewhere your neck needs to be.

@nein09 @erinbee
Look! The bees are on mastodon!
There can only be one queen in a hive, except for when young virgin queens are born. This signal is a challenge call from a virgin queen honey bee that has already emerged from her cell challenging another unborn queen in a display of strength. "

@erinbee [extremely cello full of bees voice] cello full of bees

@erinbee this is the most nottingham thing I've ever seen

@erinbee I can't help but read this in the kind of cadence you see in MTV's Jackass.

@turion Please, Erin was my father. Call me 20,000.

@erinbee does he... does he play it... with, the, 🅱️ ?

@erinbee the second image turned this from "scary cryptid shit" to "cryptid farmer art project"


Tis going to be a sweet cello, in the near future...

@erinbee a very nice cellist once applied to be my roommate but i was not prepared to welcome their ~20,100 little friends (their backup instrument was full of exotic frogs)

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