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Hello and welcome, newbies!
If you look at the toot I'm replying to with this one you can see my introduction in video form but if you (understandably) don't want to see, here's a summary.
I am:
- 31
- angry 24/7
- boring
- mentally ill :fingerguns:
I like:
- beards
- live-tooting terrible erotic novels
- boosting the shit out of your beautiful faces
I dislike:
- dolphins (fuck those guys)
- sea lions (both the animals and the dudes sliding into my notifications)

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Reminder that I don't see new followers because I don't care about the numbers and I don't follow back just because. Interact with me, then I'll follow.

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Okay, last time I do a reminder: new main is @Juju and this account will die in August.

In case you were wondering why I've been so quiet the last few days:
I moved to @Juju as I've said a gazillion times before 😆

Eurovision is over so you can now safely follow me on @Juju.

Has anyone ever had to fill out IRS Form W-8BEN?
HELP! I need some German freelancer friends!

If you're thinking of following me over to @Juju, may I suggest to do that after Eurovision? 😁

Yes, boosting my other account. That's where I'm at.

Until this account dies on the 31st of August I'm going to do weekly reminders to direct you to my new main. :fingerguns:

@c0debabe is going to open a new instance and I'll make my alt on that one. HARPY 5EVA! :harpy:



"The fuck, man? This is a fuckery of fuck." - Leslie Jones about GoT 8x05 and that sums it up pretty well.

Me: [clicks on Feelgood Pop playlist]
Spotify: [plays "all the kids are depressed"]
Me: :blobglare:

food, teh menz 

A wild mood crash appears.
It's very effective.

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