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Hello and welcome, newbies!
If you look at the toot I'm replying to with this one you can see my introduction in video form but if you (understandably) don't want to see, here's a summary.
I am:
- 31
- angry 24/7
- boring
- mentally ill :fingerguns:
I like:
- beards
- live-tooting terrible erotic novels
- boosting the shit out of your beautiful faces
I dislike:
- dolphins (fuck those guys)
- sea lions (both the animals and the dudes sliding into my notifications)

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Reminder that I don't see new followers because I don't care about the numbers and I don't follow back just because. Interact with me, then I'll follow.

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Anyone on here who can answer a question about #statistics? It's about reporting Chi² data when you have to use Fisher's Exact because of small numbers.

The snails have been shipped!
Now I literally have to wait for [takes off sunglasses] snail mail.

I seem to have gained followers by not tooting. How did that happen?

It's the Friday Masto-Sourced Playlist: The One About the Friends We Made Along the Way!

Buncha good tunes for thinking about the folks that we choose to keep in our lives, each song lovingly selected by a potential Masto-Pal!

As always, lemme know if you want participate in future lists!

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Irgendwelche Leute aus der Region Hannover anwesend?
Ich muss mir mehr lokale Freunde suchen.
Allerdings vorweg: jetzt grad ist physisch treffen schwierig, weil meine Agoraphobie mal wieder Party macht.

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It was an absurd idea for the ONE GUY who manages the software to ALSO run an instance that he intentionally allowed to grow to such a size that people either confused it as BEING the whole of the fediverse, or consider it the "flagship" instance. All of that is A BAD OUTCOME for the stated goals of a decentralised infrastructure where people can actually find a sense of community. Additionally it makes abuse management RIDICULOUSLY hard for NO BENEFIT to everyone involved except that ONE GUY.

TFW you want to sleep even though you're not tired, you just don't want to be awake.
🌈 depression 🌈

personally, i feel like it should be easier to exist

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