Can people who play(ed) a tooty instrument in real life (trumpet, trombone, French horn, etc) make themselves known, please?
I feel like there's an unusually high amout of real tooters on Mastodon.

Update: There is a ridiculous amount of real life tooters on Mastodon and it makes me exorbitantly happy! 🎺 🎷 📯

@julia played trombone as a kid. Never any good at it though

@julia clarinet would be out of the list, UNLESS it was me learning to play it. Definitely a tooting instrument.

@julia Me! Used to play trumpet, probably still could with some practice though I've not picked one up in a few years. I can just about play didgeridoo too if that counts.

@julia I played clarinet which is pretty tooty imo

This was different without having checked context...

@julia Clarinet and occasional bass clarinet player here! Currently on hiatus due to job stress, but I miss it dearly 😢

@julia I played Cornet, which is a bit like a trumpet (it's in the same key) but smaller and a less aggressive sound. I've not played for over 20 years now but I was quite good at it. TOOT!

@julia Trombones are tooty?

I played one in high school, so I guess I'm in. *toots tootingly*

@julia @Gargron my trumpeter daughter has an .art account (that she never uses..)

@julia middle school honors band trumpet player over here *brushes shoulder*

@julia Recorder and penny whistle here, though never got really good at either.

@julia my mum tried to convince me to let her teach me the accordion when I was a teen but I refused because it's not the kind of instrument teenage boys want to learn to play

in retrospect I could now be in a metal band if I'd agreed, and it feels like it'd be a very on-brand instrument for masto as well

@theoutrider That is incredibly on brand for Mastodon! But there is literally one person in the entire world who looks good with an accordeon and that is Weird Al.

@JonathanGerlach @julia I played trumpet in 6th grade for about 6 months, before I became the band teacher's swiss army knife and moved on to xylophone and then baritone. Can't say I'm very good
I much prefer singing

@julia I played trombone in junior high and liked it very much

@julia I played the trumpet, trombone, AND euphonium in high school cuz I had no friends

@julia hall! I used to play euphonium/baritone, and a bit of french horn. I'd pick euphonium up again in a flat sec :3 toot!

@julia euphonium, bass trombone, and tuba!! triple toot combo

@julia Still have my alto sax and my trumpet from high school. I toot em' every now and then.

@julia Years of trombone with one year of French horn. Ended after junior high though. That's... many years ago now.

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