Good morning, you weirdos. Americans, it's time to sleep!

I've become the German mom here yesterday so I can! Go to bed!

@julia but i'm listening to the new album by jeff goldblum!

Okay, fine, you can stay up. That's important.

@julia Like most things, I'll assume this means Canadians too.

All right, night then!

Of course. I meant North and South America. You're all in the same time zones.

@julia Sorry, west coast is the best coast and there's still time to stay up here.

@erinbee Me too and I basically fall asleep on the spot at 9 because I'm 80 at heart.

@julia I'm 80 in the streets, eternally sleepless in the sheets

@erinbee Okay, fair. Then carry on, it was more of a reminder so people will look at the time and think "Oh it's already x o'clock, maybe I should?"

@julia Continue with your public service, ma'am :blobdab: (Sorry, it's the closest emojo to a salute)

@erinbee I got dabbed at. I don't know how to react to that, Erin!

@julia please do not try to make choices for me. I got REAL MAD earlier so I’m feeling all squirrely. Will you be celebrating Goth Friday with us today?

@Thomas It was more of a reminder than an order. And now I need to know what happened. Will I see it once I catch up on my timeline?
And... maybe? Depends on what that entails.

@julia okay, 1. Thanks, but your reminder goes unheeded, 2. Basically I got into a dumb internet argument (not here, obvs) and I’m still kinda hot, 3. Just... idk, wear black and express ennui

@Thomas That's fine, it was just a suggestion.
Why did you DO that? But okay, I understand. Internet arguments are terrible.
And that's just... me. So yes, I willcelebrate Goth Friday with you.

@julia thank you! I bought a new pair of jeans JUST to continue my celebration of Goth Friday this week.

@Thomas And we're getting a nice OOTD picture later, yes?

@Thomas Outfit of the day. You don't follow enough Instagram models, duh!

@julia I tried to become a social media influencer today but I did not go over well

@julia going to sleep now, thanks for the heads up

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