Oh good, after seeing about 3864 people talk about the Gilette ad I finally found the ad itself.

@julia wow the first comment really is something isn't it

@ben Don't read the comments. The men commenting on that are giant babies and prove that that ad is needed.

@julia yes, exactly

the first comment is someone crying about how the ad is implying that men are bad and when someone points out how silly the first comment is the commenter replies four times with things that would fit pretty well as the photo next to "toxic masculinity" in an encyclopedia

@julia I got about this far before realizing the comment section was exactly as I expected it would be: twitter.com/suzbennett7/status

Posts from people who would instantly be banned from the fediverse occasionally interrupted by posts from people who should really consider joining the fediverse.

@ben My fellow white women are constantly disappointing :blobsad:

And yes, that is a very good summary of what the thread looks like.

@ben Oh god, and so many women with internalized misogyny...

that was lovely, thanks for sharing!

unfortunately, twitter is being twitter in the thread and i kinda wish i didnt scroll down

@anish Yeah, I also regret scrolling down. I know to never read the comments so why do I do it?!

right?! idk why i do it but I'm inclined to blame tech companies instilling scrolling within us...

@julia luckily because of the way twitter works the first comment is from someone I follow who's not being awful :blobcheer:

@meena So did I and then I read the comments and almost started crying because of anger and frustration.

@Jo I'm almost more disappointed by the white women in there... Because I expect it from men, I guess.

@julia I hope they put their money where their mouth is and fund programs for masculine youth.

Their website for this pledges $1 million a year on charities they believe help this cause

@julia A mainstream campaign saying that masculinity doesn't have to be toxic? I'm genuinely impressed.

cc: @Siphonay as I think that xe would like to see this.

A healthy dollop of scepticism says a. They knew this would be the response and are loving it and potentially b. Somehow encouraged this kind of response, both for commercial reasons. I'm glad for the message, but concerned at the messenger.
@julia @Siphonay

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