@MmeLibertine It's representative in general since no matter how old men get, the ideal partner age is 21. :blobglare:

@julia LMAO that's gross as hell. Imagine dating a 21 year old. Imagine that nightmare.

@MmeLibertine I don't want to imagine that! That sounds like hell. I don't even want to imagine anyone under 33!

I'm not sure I'd want to date anyone who is not +-5 years of me. Someone who's that young no thank you. I often read the small ads in the dating category in a small but active print magazine and always there are dudes who are 40-60+ who's range begins at 20 and often enough didn't even go up to their own age. Like the woman has to be like 2 years younger. WTF.

@sandzwerg @julia 100% agreed. That creeps me out immensely. And there's obviously a desire to have a power differential there, you know? It just smacks of controlling behavior.

@MmeLibertine @sandzwerg Ugh, I recently signed up to a site (regretted it immediately, deleted the account, I'm super not ready!) and you could see what ages the dudes requested. All those mid to late 30s dudes wanted 18-25 year olds...

@julia Aaaaand this is why I wanna strangle most white male celebs. (actually, I want to strangle most white male celebs for other reasons too)

@julia omg yikes! i hope camila enjoys her brief remaining years of a doubtless mind-blowingly satisfying relationship with someone who has never dated a Full Grown

An age difference of 10+ years can work. Well, occasionally at least; depends on the people of course. But this... ugh. I also find it disturbing in recent years he apparently changes partners pretty much on a year-to-year basis, or biennially at least. Probably the minute the woman grows even a bit poor wittle Weo grows scared and walks away.

@julia Perhaps it's not that he refuses to date women over 25, perhaps it's that women over 25 see him for what he is and nope the fuck out

@julia At age 35 he begins violating the "half your age plus seven" rule, and never again complies with it.

(Edit: he violates it sporadically throughout his earlier life, as well.)

@gcupc I'd say, if he ever wasn't violating it, it was pure happenstance, and that he never even considered it :blobcheeky: @julia

@julia wait that's his actual girlfriends ages and not his costar love interests? Double gross

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