For those who listen to things to fall asleep: what do you listen to?
I've been listening so "calming sounds" but they don't calm my thoughts so I need something with words.
Are there good podcasts maybe?

@mgr I started listening and I already don't like the guy, he's just babbling. But I've gotten a few other useful tips.

@armchairXI 1. That would've been the perfect opportunity to rickroll me
2. I think it has to be something I can understand because otherwise I would zone out, like I do with just intrumental music.

@julia I tend to watch motorsports. But I admit that might be too special interest.

@julia I'm studying Japanese, so I often pick an NHK news podcast.

Dunno if that would work for you without a desire to actually study the language, though.

@julia lately i've been listening to programming talks in hopes of having that knowledge sort of absorbed into my subconscious, but i've also listened to music -- anything from ambient bass to black metal. the "activity"/"energy" of the music doesn't really keep me awake

@julia although if you're explicitly looking for words that can help you fall asleep, then i can also recommend pzizz. it's an app i really liked using until they started requiring you to make an account for it, which is why i stopped using it. but it's free aside from that. there are some things you can pay for like extra sounds and voices.

@julia it's basically a soft voice speaking to you and getting you to be mindful of certain things while you drift off to sleep. this is a 1 hour sample of that

@julia Harry Potter oder "Stuff you should know" Podcast

@nachdemsturm Oh right! I have a new computer and I use gPodder for podcasts and forgot to save which podcasts I've been subscribed to. So thanks for reminding me of Stuff You Should Know.

@julia I like 99% Invisible because all of the reporters have steady voices (Roman Mars is especially smooth sounding), and the majority of episodes are positive and interesting without being difficult to follow or requiring focused attention.

@erinbee I've seen so many Mastodon people talking about this one so I guess it's time to jump on the bandwagon. Thanks!

@julia heard good things from friends about this, though i swear by Stereolab's 'Transient Random-Noise Bursts with Announcements'

Weirdly enough I like to listen to Seri! Pixel Biologist on YouTube. If I need to nap (cause my partner is less of a fan) putting on one of her playlists or a stream vod is really relaxing to me.

@julia I listen to the F plus, a podcast about the internet. If this were anyone but me this may cause nightmares. But you are you so it may work. 😝

Real talk: two choices- a white noise thing or a podcast with lots of digressions. I have tried both and both work for me. White noise is more effective but if I'm going to bed early podcasts are more helpful.

@julia Justin McElroy has a cereal podcast (The Empty Bowl, iirc) that's designed to be low-stress/calming. It might be a good fit.

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