For those who listen to things to fall asleep: what do you listen to?
I've been listening so "calming sounds" but they don't calm my thoughts so I need something with words.
Are there good podcasts maybe?

@julia lately i've been listening to programming talks in hopes of having that knowledge sort of absorbed into my subconscious, but i've also listened to music -- anything from ambient bass to black metal. the "activity"/"energy" of the music doesn't really keep me awake

@julia although if you're explicitly looking for words that can help you fall asleep, then i can also recommend pzizz. it's an app i really liked using until they started requiring you to make an account for it, which is why i stopped using it. but it's free aside from that. there are some things you can pay for like extra sounds and voices.

@trwnh I think I'm going to try pzizz. Thank you.

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