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Now accepting FIVE dice bag commissions! For $30 you get a headshot drawing and a dice bag printed with your character's face and name!

- double sided
- approx. 4.5x6.5 inches
- free shipping in the US!
- PayPal and Square accepted!

DM if you're interested!

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They're girlfriends.

Want your own commission like this? DM me or email: KatWylderArt [at] gmail.com

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"I wanna play kingdom death with you"

"... you're the second tinder date to say that"

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If you enjoy the sort of nonsense I write here, then perhaps you'd like get a newsletter from me out of the blue, at random intervals. Right? That makes sense. Anyway, I just sent out a new one. Show more

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I will never get over how much the innocent face actually works on dudes

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kris has a favorite out of my tinder dates

like, by far, there's no one else even close

last time he slept over he got really overheated 'cause slept on top of him

Kris does not know I don't want anything serious

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the bold move about talking about him here is that I linked him to the post I made about him liking warhammer ladies better than me (he laughed) so he definitely could find these toots if he wanted.

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Last night a girl gave me her number and told me I was beautiful while "smack my b**** up" played

I think I might just be dreaming my life at this point.

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I think last night might have been the best date of my life.


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