My kids' school has emailed me 4 times in the last 10 minutes to tell me that school is starting an hour late due to "extreme weather" so I need to drop them off at 9.

I have a meeting at 9.

The "extreme weather" is an inch of snow.


@minego Do you live in Texas!? Where can they not cope with an inch of snow.

@Aellope Nope. I live in Utah. Our license plates say "Greatest snow on Earth!" yet we seem to be afraid of it.

It does look like the roads are rather shitty today though. I'll find out in about 5 minutes just how bad they really are.

@minego Yeah I would have assumed Utah could cope with snow. But if the roads can't, the roads can't.

@Aellope The roads are bad. Very bad. So bad that it took me an extra 5 minutes to drive them to school...

I mean, it is a bad storm and it warrants being careful but it did not warrant delaying school by an hour.

@minego I'm glad you apparently didn't get into an accident. Maybe the problem is more that the school doesn't trust parents to drive?

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