real talk i spent like 3/4ths of my university career doing nothing but writing scholarship essays so i could actually afford to get my black ass through school and i'm now a master at them so if you're looking for help with writing one of those and are a minority (POC, LGBTQ+, etc) hit me up and i can help you out

tired: enjoying your life as a college student by doing your classwork and then doing fun college things like socalizing or being a human

inspired: going to school, going to your first job, going to your second job, going home, working on your third job (this one is remote, lucky for you), writing a bunch of scholarship applications, homework, playing gravity rush for an hour and then sleeping for two lol


@eightbitsamurai mood. I was a commuter student with multiple jobs. It was uh a life of some sort. 😅

@c0debabe @eightbitsamurai my roommate worked 30+ hours, was a full time student, and was involved in a bunch of orgs. I always admired her and could never figure out how she kept it up.

All y'all are badasses, is what I'm saying.

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